SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – March 27, 2015 – Fuscoe Engineering, Inc.’s San Diego office is pleased to announce that Eric Armstrong, PE, QSD, was appointed to represent the Building Industry Association (BIA) on San Diego Mayor Faulconer’s Pure Water Working Group (PWWG).

The San Diego Pure Water Working Group’s Mission Statement is to, “Provide diverse opinions on the City of San Diego’s Pure Water Program to help ensure a successful future for water in the San Diego region.” 25 individuals representing the Public Utilities Department’s stakeholders and customers make up the PWWG. The BIA was asked by the Mayor to select one individual from among its ranks to represent it in the PWWG. Borre Winckel, BIA President & CEO, selected Eric Armstrong, PE, QSD, as the BIA’s “ambassador” to the PWWG. Eric has 30+ years of experience in civil engineering and project management, and is Fuscoe Engineering, Inc.’s San Diego office leader. His involvement while at UC Irvine with Irvine Ranch Water District and Orange County Water District’s Water Factory 21, helped him win this important appointment. Both organizations have long been in the forefront of wastewater reuse innovation.

The PWWG worked with and report to City staff and provide valuable input to advance a comprehensive indirect potable reuse implementation plan. The PWWG also evaluated an array of possibilities to maintain the current permit status of advanced primary treatment at the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plan and developed strategies for secondary level treatment for the San Diego region as well. The PWWG met monthly to tour facilities, review regulatory / legislative issues and evaluate approaches and costs of various pure water programs. The PWWG provided feedback on Pure Water Program elements and strategy and documented key observations and recommendations for consideration by the City Council. The Pure Water San Diego group ultimately developed a report to the City Council supporting the City’s 20-year program to provide a safe, reliable and drought-proof local drinking water supply for San Diego, using proven, environmentally sustainable water purification technology. The program is cost-effective and eliminates the need for expensive upgrades to the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The issue of reliable water for the San Diego region is more important than ever and it is one that I have taken a special interest in during my time on the Council and will continue to do as Mayor.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer | Letter to BIA about the PWWG


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