Key Responsibilities:

  • Learn, understand and select A.I. resources for company use including Microsoft, Google Cloud, Apple Core ML, Amazon AWS and IBM Watson.

  • Collaborate with Technology Group to identify, adopt and develop useful A.I. tools and outcomes.

  • Apply Machine Learning in practical applications plus refine and expand A.I. tools and outcomes to client and project needs.

Education, Experience & Knowledge

The ideal candidate will have any combination of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent plus a minimum of two years of experience with Artificial Intelligence such as DevOps engineering, big data processing or multiple program languages/technologies. Experience working with machine learning (particularly Tensorflow machine learning), information retrieval, image recognition and analytics and familiarity with C++, Python, C# and other programming languages. Willingness to help the team explore, screen, adapt, deploy and refine A.I. tools for clients and projects.

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