Mike Ijams

GIS Manager | Irvine, CA

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Mike Ijams
Mike pioneered and continues to oversee Fuscoe Engineering’s GIS & Visualization Department, which adds value by enhancing and complementing Fuscoe’s civil engineering work. His primary specialties are Geographic Information Systems and 3D Visualization, both of which he uses to foster communication between designers, clients and the public as well as enable the understanding and exchange of design intent, resulting in streamlined project approvals. Mike utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology and applies it to his clients’ advantage through innovative project solutions. Some examples include developing real-time project fly-through tours, web-based project mapping systems and photo simulations.

In addition, as a licensed aviator himself, Mike was the logical choice to “pilot” Fuscoe’s new drone, yet another design tool that facilitates project delivery by providing a bird’s eye view of development sites before, during and after design and construction.

Mike is also an instructor at Santiago Canyon College, where he teaches an Introduction to GIS class. Santiago Canyon College’s Survey and Mapping Sciences program is one of the largest and most well known in the country and Mike’s class is part of its curriculum. He enjoys flying on weekends and spending time with his wife and two sons.

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