Project Description

Hanover Grand

1000 Grand is a seven-story, mixed-use residential apartment building on a 1.33-acre urban infill site. 1000 Grand will feature 274 apartment units, over 12,000 s.f. of ground level retail space and two-and-a-half stories of subterranean parking. A unique pool/amenity deck graces the top floor. TCA Architects will incorporate some of the historic brick from the old demolished building as part of the new ground facade.

Fuscoe is providing comprehensive civil engineering as well as surveying and mapping services for this project. The Fuscoe team engineered a unique stormwater pollution mitigation solution that captures rainfall and disperses it into the soil directly beneath the structure without compromising the foundation or flooding the building’s subterranean levels. Stormwater is routed through the building and down to the lowest parking level, where it then enters dry wells beneath the structure. The wells are deepened and sealed with slurry treatments to prevent compromising the foundation support, and rainfall is diverted to the public storm drain system. This full circle thinking® solution allows the developer to maximize the building’s footprint and has become a model for several downtown properties.

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Project Details

Los Angeles, CA

The Hanover Company

Completed 2016