Project Description

Anaheim Canyon Specific Urban Greening Plan

The Anaheim Canyon Specific/Urban Greening Plan was prepared to create an economic development strategy for this 3,000-acre, industrial-zoned district. Working closely with City staff and award-winning planners, MIG, Inc., Fuscoe investigated area-wide circulation and infrastructure, stormwater management and operational aspects, such as solid waste handling and recycling. This research, along with several stakeholder group outreach sessions, led to the new Specific Plan/Urban Greening Plan, featuring:

  • Side streets designated and enhanced for bicycles/pedestrians, leaving arterials maximized for vehicles
  • Creative “neighborhood-level” stormwater management basins, relieving properties of expensive, area consuming compliance BMPs
  • Alternative standards to consider for LID buildout of sites
  • Green Street concepts aimed at stormwater cleansing, enhanced pedestrian experiences and environmental performance

The project was funded by a Sustainable Communities Planning Grant and has become a cornerstone for a city-wide “Urban Greening” plan.

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Anaheim Canyon Specific Urban Greening Plan

Anaheim Canyon Specific Urban Greening Plan
Anaheim Canyon Specific Urban Greening Plan

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Anaheim, CA

MIG, Inc. for City of Anaheim