Project Description

Cesar Chavez Avenue – Green Street Project

With considerable experience in Green Streets sustainable design, the Fuscoe team was contracted to assist in a mile and half B-Permit streetscape redesign project along Cesar Chavez Avenue, in the heart of East Los Angeles. The project goal is to connect and serve four distinct cultural districts with four spoken languages.

As the Project civil engineer, it is Fuscoe Engineering’s responsibility to incorporate the desires of the community, best design practices and environmental stewardship into a single cohesive design. To these ends, the proposed plan will provide for replacement of the ficus trees with a less invasive tree species; enhancement of street furniture and lighting; and expansion of bus stops with the use of curb extensions. The plan will also incorporate several stormwater best management practices, which include the use of permeable sidewalk pavers, subdrain systems, gravel stormwater reservoirs and infiltration planters, all within the parkway areas.

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Cesar Chavez Avenue - Green Street Details
Cesar Chavez Avenue - Tree Pod Cross Section

Project Details

East Los Angeles, CA

AHBE (for the former CRA/LA)

Design Completed