Project Description

Chengdu Municipal Redevelopment

The Chinese government is proposing major municipal redevelopment of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province and a major technology and commerce center. To assist with this endeavor, Fuscoe provided an approach to water and energy conservation and suggested implementing infrastructure and improvement features that reduce consumption of highly treated drinking water and increase supplies of natural and recycled water for other uses, including:

  • Groundwater wells for drinking water treatment via lake reservoirs
  • Groundwater recharge by rainwater capture and infiltration
  • Stormwater capture and natural system “biofiltration” in open spaces
  • A recycled water pipe distribution network within all streets
  • Use of recycled water for all ornamental lakes, ponds and water features
  • A river “splitter” to direct the flow and remove threat of flood surges

Energy conservation measures proposed by Fuscoe included:

  • Deploying small hydroelectric generators within the canal network
  • Centralized geothermal and solar cooler/heater plans
  • Mandating all buildings be energy wise in architectural and MEP design
  • Centralized solid waste processing plant
  • Utilization of International Dark Sky Lighting Standards
  • Processing green waste for recycling as fertilizer or mulch in park areas
  • Demolition and recycling of existing buildings and roads for reuse


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Illustrative of Proposed Waterfront Redevelopment
River View of Chengdu

Project Details

Chengdu, China

Jeff Mayer & Partners

Design Completed 2010