Project Description

Dana Point Harbor EIR Water Quality Management Plan

After nearly three years of planning and preparation of technical documents for the EIR, the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Project was struggling to properly address large and small-scale water quality and hydrology issues. Fuscoe was brought in to “peer review” the existing work to date and prepare the final EIR Water Quality Management Plan. The scope of work included evaluating drainage improvements and selected water quality BMPs by two other respected firms and verifying sizing requirements, functionality, feasibility and long-term maintenance costs, as well as providing recommendations for other applicable BMPs. The scope also included setting policy and guidelines for future development within the Harbor for compliance with water quality measures. Lastly, the final report summarized regional efforts to improve water quality and drainage within the Harbor itself and its upstream end, in addition to a field reconnaissance evaluation to provide further recommendations for water quality improvements from local off-site run-off into the project boundary. In addition to this work, Fuscoe coordinated water quality planning strategies between the County and City of Dana Point.

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