Project Description

Dana Point Harbor Revitalization

The long overdue Dana Point Harbor makeover will begin with massive reconstruction of all retail and visitor uses in the West Marina, while keeping existing uses open for business! This surgical, step-by-step approach presents a career-bending challenge. Fuscoe Engineering will address all pavement, utility and building removals, implementation of new public roads and traffic signals, new parking garage, access roads, plazas and amphitheatre, waterfront boardwalk, underground infrastructure and stormwater management within “Low Impact” LEED features – all under the scrutiny of the California Coastal Commission, among others.

The project includes analysis and modifications to a County Facility (60” diameter storm drain) plus new tributary lines serving the Harbor which detain increased flows in underground galleries and treat discharges for water quality assurance to California Coastal Commission satisfaction. The project is concurrently obtaining a Coastal Development Permit while undergoing final design and construction/phasing plans. In addition, a final WQMP, using a combined low flow infiltration system with high flow detention, is being implemented to preserve existing drainage facilities and bulkheads.

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Project Details

Dana Point, CA

MVE Institutional for County of Orange

Coastal Development Permit, final construction drawings and final WQMP projected for completion 2014