Project Description

Disneyland Hotel Courtyard Renovation

The iconic Disneyland Hotel Courtyard underwent substantial renovations, with upgrades that included a new pool, water play area, restaurant, bar and restoration of an existing pool. These changes reinforced the hotel’s nostalgic mid-century style and significantly opened up the courtyard and pool area, giving guests a clear line of vision and easy access across the property.

The most conspicuous changes were made in the new water play area. “Disneyland” is spelled out atop a platform supporting two exciting water slides. At each slide’s entrance is a replica monorail car that guests glide through as they zigzag their way to the water below. The larger of the two main slides sits 26 ft. high and stretches 187 ft. until it drops into a splash pool. The second slide is 13 ft. high and 112 ft. long. The area includes a third two-lane mini-slide for young children that sits just 3½ ft. high and is 19 ft. long, as well as a series of small bubble jets in which to play.

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Anaheim, CA

Suffolk-ROEL Construction Company, Inc.