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El Camino Marketplace – Goleta Bioswale

Mark Linehan, a native Santa Barbara developer tried forever to gain Santa Barbara County approvals for a 60 acre “power” center to no avail. County officials feared pollution of the downstream Devereaux Marsh and Goleta Beach. While attending research presentations at adjoining UCSB, FEI discovered their success using planted wetlands to “clean” polluted runoff. We saw the opportunity to deploy this “green” feature and took it. The County was excited and trusted Mark as one of their own. They said they would give it a try if we “guaranteed” it would work (we did!). Mark gave us two acres of his 80 acres to build California’s first bioswale winning project approvals and several subsequent awards. Now, nearly 20 years later, it still performs well via its trash/litter forebay, managed wetland afterbay and fully natural final bay (with habitat credits).

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Santa Barbara County, CA

Wynmark Development Company