Project Description

Fang Shan Central Shopping District

Fuscoe Engineering was asked to help an international architectural team develop “big ideas” and sustainable infrastructure designs for a 16 square kilometer suburban district in Beijing, China. As creative full circle thinking® engineers, Fuscoe suggested:

  • Restoring two major rivers as open space “riverwalk” amenities providing rainwater capture and groundwater recharge
  • Implementation of small scale hydroelectric power and boating recreation
  • Creating canals within the District for recreation and to “connect” residents to the rivers and nature
  • A solar power concentrator farm for all lighting
  • “Green” streets with multi-modal circulation
  • Layout of shopping, residential and employment so all occupants can “see, access and interact” with nature

Fuscoe helped assemble the concepts into a competitive submittal for
government client approval.

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Fang Shan Aerial Rendering

Project Details

Beijing, China

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