Project Description

Four Palms Resort

The Four Palms Resort, formerly known as La Belle Creole Hotel, is located on the French side of the island of St. Martin and comprises 25 acres at the tip of a secluded peninsula. The sprawling grounds feature cobblestone walkways that connect shaded courtyards and stone terraces to 22 separate buildings housing 166 rooms. Two beaches are reserved for the exclusive use of hotel guests at this prime island location. For the renovation of this landmark hotel, the Fuscoe GIS/3D Visualization Team provided a sophisticated fly-through computer animated video presentation featuring three-dimensional photorealistic visual simulations. These photorealistic project renderings assist in demonstrating the evolution of a project from concept to completion and offer credibility from a technical perspective, often proving beneficial in reducing project costs by revealing planning flaws or inspiring superior alternative engineering solutions.

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Tower on the grounds of the existing La Belle Creole
Four Palms 3D View Simulation
Four Palms 3D View Simulation

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St. Martin, West Indies

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