Project Description

Harmony Grove Industrial Park

Harmony Grove Industrial Park incorporates green engineering design. The project, located at the intersection of Harmony Grove Road and Pacific Oaks Place, is part of a master planned industrial development designed with innovative low impact, eco-adaptive® features prior to what are now current requirements. As the project entered final engineering, the Fuscoe team was faced with the challenging opportunity to provide natural runoff treatment without sacrificing the client’s buildable area.

Fuscoe staff members prepared a design for the project which incorporates three biofiltration swales as Low Impact Development (LID) features. Parking lot runoff and its potential contaminants are routed to a specially designed filter trench that conveys the water to a storm drain system. While the water runs though the swales, possible pollutants are filtered out as runoff infiltrates through the subgrade. No other development projects within the industrial park incorporate this type of natural system for treating runoff, with the result that this design has become a benchmark for green engineering in the city of Escondido.

The City is not the only satisfied party; this system also reduces the maintenance costs associated with filter inserts or mechanical units, a value that is always well appreciated by clients. In addition, due to close coordination with the landscape architect, the biofiltration treatment areas were able to be harmoniously blended into the project landscaping.

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Aerial image of Harmony Grove Industrial Park
biofiltration swale with curb outlet

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Escondido, CA

American Industrial Systems