Project Description

IRWD Serrano Summit Area Plan

The Serrano Summit Area Plan is a comprehensive framework for development of an approximately 99-acre master planned community which will feature both private and public uses. The predominantly vacant site includes an existing Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) plant, water reservoirs and an empty office building. The developer desires to create a sustainably designed 55-acre medium density residential community within the Plan, while the City of Lake Forest is preparing to build a Civic Center with City Hall building, sheriff/police facilities, Community Center, outdoor plaza and parking on 11.9 acres. Additionally, the site will boast extensive open space, parks and a private recreation center. All of these amenities will be within walking or biking distances of the residences, while pedestrian and bicycle trails will connect the community by offering alternative travel options. 28 acres of the site will be developed for public facility uses required by IRWD for their operations and will include an office building, water reservoirs, treatment plan and related facilities. Water reclamation and groundwater recharge technology for water reuse are planned to supplement the community’s water needs.

Fuscoe was hired to perform preliminary engineering validating the current Site Plan, establish infrastructure and delineate site work opportunity on 55 acres of the 99-acre site. Our work entails civil engineering, surveying, view simulations, and water quality and stormwater management tasks.

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Serrano Summit Area Plan

Project Details

Lake Forest, CA

Lewis Operating Corporation

Projected for completion by 2020