Project Description

Keystone Development

This mixed-use hillside residential project was fully designed by another firm, approved and ready to build; however, due to the economic downturn, Brookfield Homes determined that the project as is was too expensive to build and would cause the firm to lose money. The project was shelved for approximately three years. Then in July 2010, Brookfield approached Fuscoe Engineering, asking for our assistance in providing due diligence and value engineering conceptual studies to lower the construction costs. Fuscoe is considering major site reconfiguration options to bring down project construction values for this 85-acre, 650-unit development with 5-acre commercial, 2-acre park and 3-acre YMCA components. GIS was utilized to analyze design alternatives, maximize development yield and habitat protection and optimize storm drain routing. View simulations were created to show the visual impact of the grading on the project, as well as the outward views from the site.

Project Details

Santa Clarita, CA

Brookfield Homes