Project Description

Lake Street Green Street Project

Burbank Water & Power desires to be a leader in the use of sustainable drainage facilities within and around its 25-acre campus. Due to its LID expertise, Fuscoe was referred by AHBE, a trusted BWP consultant, to provide green street sustainable design of 1,000 LF of the BWP facility’s frontage. The Fuscoe team provided a parkway improvement plan incorporating innovative green street design elements, including infiltration planters, permeable sidewalk pavers, a subdrain system to prevent overflows, tree well filtration and structural sidewalk sections that increase void space for stormwater impoundment. The entire site uses 100% recycled water. Fuscoe also provided civil engineering for a small courtyard adjacent to the right-of-way. The work entailed incorporating a stormwater planter that accommodates runoff from the courtyard area. A particular design challenge was the presence of an onsite water supply well. Infiltration is not allowed within a codified distance from a potable water supply well; therefore, Fuscoe’s design was adjusted to limit infiltration near the well. Due to its extensive use of environmentally-friendly elements and innovative technologies, this project was selected as one of the first in the Sustainable Sites Initiative™(SITES™) Pilot Program.

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Burbank, CA

AHBE (for Burbank Water & Power)