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Newport Banning Ranch

Newport Banning Ranch is a 400-acre master-planned community designed in one of the last areas of open land along the Orange County coast. The development calls for up to 1,400 residential units, resort hotel and visitor-serving commercial, while committing half the site to open space. Fuscoe is continuing its long association with the site by providing plans limiting impacts to wetlands and valuable gnatcatcher habitat on this environmentally-sensitive site. In addition to civil engineering, Fuscoe is also assisting with CEQA processing through preparation of infrastructure reports and a watershed plan. The plans addresses flood detention and routing, bluff erosion analysis, water quality treatment ponds, sediment entrapment and removal, plus carefully metered urban runoff to sustain the necessary hydroperiods of downstream vegetation and sensitive habitat. Fuscoe is also playing a key role in providing design and calculations related to the project’s sustainability paradigm. For enhanced productivity and efficiency, the Fuscoe staff utilized ProjectSpace web-based software to streamline project management, team collaboration and stakeholder communications.

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Newport Beach, CA

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