Project Description

Ocean Institute – Outdoor Education Center Expansion

When new plans were drawn up for the renovation and expansion of the Ocean Institute, Fuscoe Engineering worked with the client to extend their ocean-minded philosophy to the new drainage system. The new system, located at the north end of Dana Point Harbor, cleans the urban run off that flows across the property with a series of devices and vegetation that removes most of the pollutants before they enter the ocean.

The new parking lot was designed to drain into a depressed infiltration trench to filter oil, grease and other hydrocarbons. The drainage is then treated by a storm drain insert prior to direct discharge into Dana Point Harbor. All water quality assurance measures have become part of the Ocean Education Center at the Institute, and special features such as clear manhole covers and observation ports were integrated for this important function.

Fuscoe Engineering’s specialty practice expertise in Low Impact Design proved particularly useful in making the Ocean Institute project a success.

Fuscoe Engineering continues its involvement with Ocean Institute through annual Adopt-A-Classroom sponsorships as well as CEO Patrick Fuscoe’s contributions as Miocean Representative on the Ocean Institute’s Board of Directors.

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Ocean Institute Outdoor Education Center
Parking Lot Infiltration

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