Project Description

Playa Guacamaya Zapotal Resort Master Plan Community

This luxury master-planned resort site comprises 607 hectares (1,500 acres) and includes cove beaches at Playa Guacamaya and Playa Zapotal. Each beach has an upper valley extending 1 – 5 km and both beaches and valleys are planned for development. The project, as currently envisioned, has five districts: a hotel with residential villages; hilltop and beachfront estate lots; an 18-hole golf course and villas; and hillside villa residential neighborhoods. The project also envisions adding a marina development at an adjoining site currently under negotiation.

Fuscoe provided a phased plan for backbone infrastructure; a proforma cost estimate for infrastructure capital costs plus estimates for operation/maintenance; permit and construction schedule; and a resulting cash flow projection. A bi-lingual Senior Engineer with master-plan infrastructure expertise was assigned to oversee the project. Our services included a master grading earthwork logistics plan addressing landforms, terraformed slopes and balanced earthwork; a stormwater management master drainage plan; a circulation master plan delineating primary site access arteries and interior circulation roadways for each village and golf course; a water conservation master plan proposing water budgeting measures as well as groundwater aquifer protection/conservation; and master utilities plans, including a potable water distribution plan, service connections, a recycled water line network for golf course and landscape irrigation, and a master power network layout. Additional project work included creation of a master subdivision exhibit and GIS-based 3D modeling; viewshed evaluations and view simulations.

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Proposed Master Plan Overlay

Existing View of Beach and Cove
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Guanacaste Coast, Costa Rica

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