Project Description

Playa Vista Apartment Communities

The expansive Playa Vista master plan is in its final phases, 12 years after Phase 1 was initiated. The Irvine Company Apartment Communities (ICAC) is proposing a 1503-unit apartment development comprised of three products on different blocks within Phase 2 of the Playa Vista community.

The projects are all podium-style with one level of subterranean parking and another parking level at grade. The Fuscoe team is providing a full complement of civil, survey and mapping services for these projects. As the site is in a methane gas area, coordination with a methane consultant and Brookfield Homes, the master plan developer, is quite complex.

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Playa Vista Apartment Communities Rough Grading
Playa Vista Apartment Communities Rough Grading

Project Details

Los Angeles, CA

Irvine Company Apartment Communities

Block 1 – projected for completion August 2015

Block 5 – projected for completion October 2015

Block 7 – projected for completion December 2015