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Ponte Vista

Purchased in 2005, the former San Pedro Naval housing site was envisioned to be a high density, 61.5-acre urban infill development of up to 2,000 units. However, due to the weakened economy, the picture became much different. The Ponte Vista community has been “retooled” and a fresh approach was implemented to minimize infrastructure and product costs. The project was re-envisioned as a 750-unit master planned community with five product types and a small park. The entitlement approvals were gained in mid-2014, after much scrutiny and community outreach.

The Ponte Vista project is currently in the final engineering phase. The Fuscoe team is facing a number of project challenges, including minimizing retaining wall height and balancing the earthwork due to 80 feet of fall across the site. Also, rather than designing a large downstream basin, Fuscoe is integrating water quality features throughout the project to maximize the site area for development. The project also includes improving off-site intersections, involving multiple agencies, including Caltrans.

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Ponte Vista
Ponte Vista

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San Pedro, CA

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