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The Promenade at Creekside

This modern mixed-use 5.16-acre development is the first one in the 214-acre San Marcos Creek District, which is planned as the new downtown for San Marcos. The Promenade at Creekside offers affordable low income housing in approximately 12 buildings with 98 residential apartments in the first two phases. Project features include a community center, pool and recreational areas, a public landscaped paseo and 3,000 sf of commercial/retail space along the frontage.

This community is perched adjacent to the environmentally-sensitive San Marcos Creek. Due to adjacent project developments, it was imperative that all runoff into the creek be treated for pollutants without increasing discharge rates. To that end, the Fuscoe team designed a bio-retention swale for all on-site runoff. The bio-retention swale is essentially an open channel basin with vegetation covering the side slopes and bottom. Water collects in the basin and slowly conveys runoff flow to the downstream discharge point. Filtration occurs through a subsoil matrix and infiltrates to the underlying soils, thereby trapping particulate pollutants (suspended solids, oil and grease, organics and trace metals). The entire swale provides water treatment while promoting infiltration and reducing peak flows by limiting discharge and minimizing velocities, resulting in no negative downstream effects. This type of water treatment both protects San Marcos Creek and provides an aesthetically pleasing landscaped basin for passersby.

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San Marcos, CA

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