Project Description

Prop.84 Urban Greening for LAUSD

MAS (Moving from Asphalt to Sustainable) SCHOOLS was a Prop. 84 “Urban Greening Project” pioneering case study that explored ways to transform Los Angeles USD campuses for increased access, programming, education and ecology. Three schools – Carthay Center Elementary, Berendo Middle and Manual Arts High Schools – were evaluated. Fuscoe provided a unique “prescription” for each school site, working within the bounds of the proposed campus programs, existing facilities that remained, existing drainage patterns, availability of a public storm drain and infiltration capacity of on-site soils. Having no subsurface soil data as a design basis proved challenging, as well as budgetary constraints/pressures with tight summertime construction durations.

The final project phase condensed studies by both Mia Lehrer+Associates and Fuscoe into Master Plans/Final Guidelines to be applied to all study campuses and the District at large. A particularly unique aspect of this project identified/designed a collection of menu BMP items to be applied to site-/campus-specific constraints. Innovative design entailed blending and combining certain BMP solutions to best fit the available areas and flow conditions. With the existing campuses being overwhelmingly impervious with little cohesive terrain, landscape designs by ML+A provided an array of LID strategies, ranging from disconnecting impervious surfaces through rainwater capture and reuse technologies.

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Carthay Elementary School concept site plan
infiltration & permeable paving

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Los Angeles, CA

Mia Lehrer + Associates for Los Angeles Unified School District