Project Description

Redwood City Inner Harbor Specific Plan

Fuscoe is assisting MIG, Inc. in preparing an infrastructure assessment as well as identifying plan alternatives associated with the Inner Harbor Specific Plan. Redwood City’s Inner Harbor is a 100-acre bayfront community that includes a mix of recreational, watercraft and industrial uses, businesses, marinas and waterways. The area is bounded by Redwood Creek, Highway 101 and Seaport Boulevard, encompassing the bay and an estuary to be restored or developed.

Guided by Redwood City’s General Plan and public input, Fuscoe will study the area’s infrastructure to identify opportunities and constraints as well as establish criteria to guide the reinvigoration of the Inner Harbor community. This work includes review and interpretation of existing utility studies and regional/jurisdictional requirements. Awareness of concerns such as sea level rise, bay mud and wetland areas will help guide the assessment. Special attention will be given to identifying areas that could benefit from eco-friendly designs and green infrastructure (recycled water, alternate energy, green streets, etc.), while preserving the health of surrounding creeks and San Francisco Bay. Fuscoe will provide mapping and input associated with these infrastructure components: sanitary sewer, domestic and recycled water, storm drain, dry utilities and water quality.

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Redwood City, CA

MIG, Inc. for City of Redwood City