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San Dieguito High School Academy Track & Field

Much appreciated by both students and coaches, the long-awaited San Dieguito Academy track and field upgrades provide optimal athletic training advantages. The school’s new cutting edge all-weather track and artificial turf field replace previously outworn dirt and grass components. Students remarked that the state-of-the-art facilities have greatly boosted student pride and that they will now be able to train more efficiently while experiencing fewer injuries.

Fuscoe Engineering provided an array of services for these top notch track and field facilities, including grading, drainage and utility plans, surveying services, a hydrology report and an SWPPP. The Fuscoe team was able to avoid the need for a large hydromodification detention basin by implementing LID designs which mimic the pre-project drainage conditions. This objective was achieved by utilizing permeable pavements, reducing hardscape areas and coordinating with the track and field designer (D.A. Hogan& Associates) to revise the track design to a permeable surface.

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Encinitas, CA

SVA Architects (formerly known as MVE Institutional) for San Dieguito Academy