Project Description

Tarbut v’Torah Day School & Jewish Community Center

This project entailed an expansion of the existing Tarbut V’Torah School campus and construction of a Jewish Community Center. The site, containing challenging grading issues, is located on approximately 21.7 acres, and improvements included buildings, soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, an outdoor pool and parking facilities. The site slope was accommodated through the use of split-level grading and handicap accessibility proved to be a difficult challenge. The High School building contains a chemistry laboratory while the community center includes a gymnasium, swimming pool, kitchen, auditorium, preschool, infant care, library, art studio, counseling center and multi-purpose rooms, including classrooms for higher education. A unique project solution entailed connection of a waste line from the chemistry laboratory to an acid neutralization tank before discharging to the Irvine Ranch Water District sewer lines.

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Irvine, CA

LPA, Inc.