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The American Dream Planned Residential Development

A consortium of Southern California design firms, among them Danielian Associates Architects, Summers/Murphy & Partners Landscape Architects and Fuscoe Engineering, joined together to provide services for an unprecedented international venture entitled, “The American Dream”, for their Moscow-based client, LLC KVADRAT INVEST. This 150-acre project, located 45 minutes from Moscow, Russia, near the Village of Glebezdovo, is a planned residential development consisting of 538 single-family home lots and four parks featuring a range of amenities, including sports facility, basketball courts and athletic fields, restrooms, tot lot and a unique depressed soccer field which, when filled with water, transforms to a skating rink in winter. Also included are two onsite sewage treatment facilities and a water supply feature.

The Fuscoe staff provided grading, drainage and sewer master plans for this upscale gated hillside community. Project challenges include all of the complexities inherent in incorporating 538 lots within the confines of 150 acres.

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The American Dream Planned Residential Development
The American Dream Planned Residential Development

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Glebezdovo, Russia