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Yingkou Master Plan

Fuscoe is helping to develop a Master Plan for a three sq. km. coastal resort community along the Yellow Sea in Northeast China. The site is integrated within a 180 sq. km. coastal redevelopment zone being constructed by the Chinese government to transform an industrial-based area into a technology manufacturing center, new residential neighborhoods and municipal headquarters. VisonMaker International intends to develop the core themed Resort Island into a world-class destination, integrating hotel, spa and park attractions into a cultural experience. The master plan includes an extensive tidal canal system, including a large central canal on the south edge of Phase Two that runs from Liaoning Bay back toward the northeast perimeter edge. A circular island of newly reclaimed land three sq. km. in size is planned at the mouth of the central canal. This study project area is anchored by waterfront hospitality and a destination theme park and features a seawall and waterfront villages; canal network “activating” interior zones with boat traffic and marinas; high-rise office and employment district; and hotel tourism center. Seven million annual visitors are anticipated.

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Yingkou Master Site Plan
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Liaoning Province, China

VisionMaker International

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