Geospatial Services

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Whether your ventures are in the public or private sector, Fuscoe’s Geospatial Services can help you successfully achieve project or program goals in an efficient, time-saving and cost-effective way.

Our broad spectrum of geospatial services and customized tools provide valuable location-based data and analysis for intelligent decision-making.

Services For

  • Resource & Asset Management
  • Spatial Analysis & Modeling
  • Sustainability
  • Water Resources
  • Smart Project Websites

3D Visualization

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Fuscoe’s 3D Visualizations are accurate and efficient tools that provide realistic design scenarios in real-time for visualizing, planning and evaluating projects pre-construction.

Viewers can assess existing site conditions as well as evaluate or present design alternatives and plan modifications using our photorealistic 3D renderings, animations and e-mmersive virtual reality. These tools can help to reduce expenditures, offer fresh design insights and reinforce technical feasibility, without costly field testing.

E-mmersivemeans you no longer have to imagine…
This is where vision becomes reality.

Visualization Services

  • View Simulations
  • 3D Animations
  • Virtual Reality
  • BIM – Revit & Civil 3D
  • 3D Optical Capture

Web Solutions

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Fuscoe Engineering provides clients with a dynamic platform of collaborative tools to manage their projects – accessible anywhere, anytime… in the cloud!

With today’s increasing project demands, it is more important than ever to streamline communications, facilitate access to data and maximize team productivity. Fuscoe’s centralized project management tools are custom designed to your project’s needs and accessible by the entire team saving time and costs while enhancing output.

Web Solution Services

  • GIS Online
  • Stormwater Database Online
  • Interactive 3D Models
  • ProjectSpace – Smart FTP
  • Mobile Devices

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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BIM is a collaborative process used to design, analyze and visualize a project from conception to completion and beyond. BIM and project modeling are proving to be essential for civil engineering and Fuscoe Engineering is leading the way.

Fuscoe Engineering is currently working with an increasing number of forward-thinking stakeholders interested in improving project delivery through the use of BIM. Our experience and BIM expertise have proven that the combination of technology and collaboration yield the greatest results.

BIM Value

  • Facilitates collaborative innovation
  • Utilizes cutting-edge technology – virtual and augmented reality
  • Simulation and analysis
  • Clash Detection and Conflict Resolution
  • On-time delivery – Reduced RFI’s, change orders and construction delays
  • Efficient design and construction
  • Bandwidth extends to all disciplines
  • Interdisciplinary real-time project coordination
  • Models for 3D visualization

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

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Communication, Collaboration and Cooperation. These values fortify our IPD – a project delivery method that allows design professionals to collaboratively harness the talents and insights of all stakeholders to escalate project results. IPD increases value to the owner, reduces waste and optimizes all phases of design and construction. Fuscoe Engineering combines IPD and BIM technologies to efficiently achieve the collaboration required for economical designs and successful projects, while meeting time and budget constraints.

  • Builds an integrated project team
  • Harnesses the talents of all key stakeholders
  • Improves and streamlines data exchange
  • Provides implementation documentation
  • Minimizes on-site construction conflicts
  • Improves understanding of design intent

Fuscoe Engineering is currently working with an increasing number of forward-thinking stakeholders interested in improving project delivery through the use of IPD and BIM.

Drone – Aerial Surveying

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Capturing your environment for fast designs with better outcomes.

Fuscoe Engineering stays one step ahead of the game by providing technologically innovative services that aid in identifying both design options and potential issues, while streamlining client and consultant communication. Our newest offering, GeoSky optical capture services, utilizes cameras and drones. GeoSky is yet another design tool that facilitates project delivery by providing a bird’s-eye view of development sites before, during and after design and construction.

Our drones have been granted a 333E exemption and are registered with the FAA.

Drone Services

  • 3D Point Clouds
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Ortho Photos
  • Earthworks and Stockpile Volumes
  • 4K Video & Photos