Project Description

San Diego, CA


Sudberry Development

The LEED® Gold MedImpact Corporate Headquarters is an impressive glass and stone structure, six-story commercial building and four-story parking garage on 4.36 acres.

This project presented a number of challenges for the Fuscoe team, including various soil conditions over granite rock and construction of retaining walls. Fuscoe provided an integrated stormwater quality approach and strategy, which included analysis and design of two small bioretention ponds for high quality stormwater treatment, and other features such as pervious pavers, landscape areas, roof drain downspout filters and installation of a project specific modified Filterra® Unit. This design achieved the the overall goal of 34 points required for Stormwater Design Quantity and Quality Control, LEED® Gold Certification. Additionally, the team’s dedication was evident in expedited processing through the City of San Diego, where permits were obtained ahead of the expiration date of a critical previous entitlement.

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