Project Description

Rose Hills – Sycamore Valley Development Projects

Fuscoe Engineering has provided civil services for Rose Hills Memorial Park since the 1990s and is currently working on a variety of development projects within Rose Hills’ 370-acre Sycamore Valley area. These projects include the following:


  • Mission Hills 1,2,3: Lawn burials, double-depth crypts, niche walls and two mausoleums (9.0 acres)
  • Lotus Garden 2,3: Lawn burials, tiered monument walls, semi private and custom estates (2.2 acres)
  • Garden of Purity 1,2,3: Lawn burials, tiered monument walls and semi-private estates (2.9 acres)
  • Canyon View: Lawn burials, double-depth crypts, monuments gardens and custom view lots (7.5 acres)
  • Master Storm Drain: 6,300 LF of backbone storm drain infrastructure

Under Construction:

  • Creekside: Rough grading (14.0 acres)
  • The Meadows: Lawn burials, double-depth crypts and custom estates (6.6 acres)

In Design:

  • Garden of Prosperity 1: Rough grading (18.1 acres)
  • Valley Ridge: Lawn burials (3.0 acres)
  • South View: Lawn burials (1.6 acres)

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Whittier, CA

Rose Hills Memorial Park