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A full spectrum of civil and specialty services
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Providing a full spectrum of civil engineering services

Our Services

A Full Circle Thinking® Approach

Our firm approaches every assignment with full circle thinking® – our way of bringing alert, inventive and complete thoughtfulness to engineering. We consider the entire life-cycle of our work so the outcome is sustainable both environmentally, as well as economically. We also strive to integrate our results with the entire consulting team by seeking benefits for each discipline — so the results exceed the sum of its parts. We believe that creativity is discovering new ways to connect what you’ve experienced to what you already know – adding value and cutting time or costs along the way. To this end we collect, organize and leverage valuable know-how from every employee and every project for our clients.

Guided by full circle thinking®, we are able to attract, keep and grow outstanding people while maintaining longstanding relationships with our clients and community. Our reputation is excellent and is the earned perception of how well we execute our work. It’s our character that reflects who we really are – capable professionals who care about our team, our clients and our community.

Specialty Practices

  • Entitlement & Site Development Engineering
  • Sustainable or Eco-Adaptive® Designs
  • Stormwater Quality Assurance and Compliance
  • Watershed Hydrology & Streambed Restoration
  • Property Surveys & Maps
  • Construction Layout Staking & Control
  • GIS Solutions with 3D Visualization & Virtual Reality
  • BIM & Geospatial Technology Services
  • UAV Drone Optical Capture