Our Brand

It’s What Sets Us Apart From Others
Our Brand

Why Our Work Matters

Our brand is our customers’ experience of our business. It’s how they feel about us. It clarifies who we are and why we do what we do. It’s anchored by “Our Story”, making it authentic and genuine. It strengthens why our work matters. Full circle thinking® means creating and forging unusual but effective solutions for project challenges. It also means collaborating with every discipline or team member to ensure the best results from the body of work we do together.

All things on earth are connected, each a part of the web of life. What we do, as human beings and designers, affects each strand in the web.

This is a fundamental truth that guides who we are, and the work we must do. It connects us to the importance of the role we play in creating the delicate balance between built and natural environments.

More importantly, this truth serves to elevate our thinking from the confines of traditional approaches, to the total circumference of possibilities. Connecting the dots. Driving innovation. Widening the arc of creativity.

For we know that the way we think, the way we do business, the way we treat others, and the way we interact with water, land and sky will eventually come full circle.

full circle thinking®


  • Understand the project needs
  • Know the agency, rules & standards

  • Identify opportunities & constraints
  • Note context/surroundings
  • Investigate & learn from co-workers
full circle thinking®


  • Contribute to ideas/alternatives
  • Enhance designs with collaboration – ask “What If?”
  • Optimize best “life cycle” solutions
  • Execute well & make it work
  • Innovation through technology

full circle thinking®


  • Interpret plans for contractor
  • Ensure plan is useful
  • Adapt to site realities & optimize
  • Gain feedback to design/engineering
full circle thinking®


  • Client satisfaction
  • User experience
  • O&M considerations
  • Transfer learned knowledge to next project
  • Share knowledge with team

Our Brand

What it does