San Bernardino County, CA

Daggett Solar Power Facility

D.H. Blattner & Sons, Inc.

Daggett Solar has 482 MW of solar power paired with 424 MW of storage, making this the largest solar and battery storage project currently built in California.

The project is located in the desert region of San Bernardino County, four miles east of the town of Daggett. It is being built near the former coal and gas-fired power plant, Coolwater Generating Station. With this, it can leverage pre-existing infrastructure and repurpose existing high-voltage substations and transmission lines, marking an exciting transition from fossil fuel facilities to a renewable energy project.

The facility is located on previously-disturbed agricultural land and ensures sustainable, low-impact land use. Solar does not disturb the soil or land on an ongoing basis, which maintains it for future use. Because solar does not require water to generate power, it contributes to water preservation, further protecting the surrounding environment.

This project will create significant local economic benefits, including 500 construction jobs, an estimated $18.5 million in additional property tax revenue, $210 million in local spending during construction, and up to $5 million annually during the life of the project.