Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Goodman Rancho SPE, LLC

These massive LEED® certified fulfillment warehouses spans 1.6 million s.f. and replaced an existing concrete pipe manufacturing facility.

Located on 74.9 acres, this $150M two-building industrial project features 167 dock high positions, four ground level doors, 36’ high clearance and 317 parking spaces. In addition to Fuscoe’s civil engineering services, the team devised a combined peak flow detention and water quality basin with three stages. This dual purpose extended detention basin became the only required site BMP, effectively eliminating the need for any structural/proprietary BMPs. Stormwater from the entire site is conveyed via storm drain pipes through two inlets into the basin and then directed to a self-metering outlet; if water rises above that outlet, a secondary outlet comes into play. The basin’s innovative design reduces maintenance costs and complies with San Bernardino County’s MS4 Permit while accommodating stormwater mitigation. Due to the unique parcel configuration and significant amount of detention required at the site, this 850 ft. long basin – approximately three football fields in length – proved to be the optimal solution for this project.

Photo Credits: images courtesy of Goodman (left & right)