Anaheim, CA

Manzanita Skate Park

City of Anaheim

Manzanita Skate Park’s 12,000 sf project area features a seven-foot deep bowl for experienced skaters, three-foot deep beginner bowl, skate plaza, skating mural, grind ledges, rails and ramps.

In addition to designing the skate park, project improvements included landscaping (turf and planters), drainage (surface and below grade), and security lights. The Fuscoe team provided comprehensive civil engineering and water quality (WQMP/SWPPP) design, construction documents, plan checking, bid assistance, construction administration and as-builts. Fuscoe’s full circle thinking® solutions included development of a roundabout, which acts as both a traffic calming feature as well as a convenient drop off/pick up site for skaters. Also, with no storm drains nearby, a small pump was implemented along with shallow infiltration design.