San Diego, CA

Modera San Diego

Mill Creek Residential Trust

Modera San Diego is a luxury apartment community in the East Village area of downtown San Diego

The seven-story project contains three levels of subterranean parking and features 368 units, consisting of studio, one- and two-bedroom homes, and a variety of amenities. The street improvements include an enhanced parkway consistent with the 14th Street Promenade Master Plan which creates an attractive and useable pedestrian environment. Fuscoe is provided a full complement of civil engineering and mapping services from due diligence through permitting and construction. During the design process the project required shoring tiebacks below the adjacent MTS transit station. MTS originally had concerns that their existing structures and underground utilities would be affected by the tie-backs. Fuscoe Engineering worked closely with the shoring engineer and MTS to locate all existing facilities and subterranean structures to demonstrate how they would be protected by the improvements. The close coordination and analysis provided to MTS resulted in an approval of the tiebacks and a significant savings in construction costs from alternative shoring methods.