Irvine, CA

Parc Derian

C & C Development Company, LLC / 17275 Derian LP

Parc Derian is a “slab on grade” podium-type housing project on 2.2 urban infill acres in the heart of the Irvine Business Complex.

Comprehensive services provided by Fuscoe’s team included construction staking, mapping and full civil engineering plans, as well as a SWPPP and WQMP. A modular wetland was incorporated into the site design to treat water runoff. The timing of the design and construction schedule was challenging and crucial to obtaining project funding. In addition, Fuscoe’s new design tool, an FAA-registered UAV drone, was utilized to create a 3D point cloud of millions of survey grade elevations. That information was then translated into a 3D model for visualization of the project in context with the surrounding site.

PCBC Golden Nugget Award, Best Affordable Housing Community (30-60 du/ac)