Whittier, CA

Rose Hills

Rose Hills Company

Famed for its lush grounds and tranquil beauty, Rose Hills is the largest memorial park in the world. Over the past 25 years, Fuscoe has provided services for 100+ Rose Hills projects as the grounds continue to be developed.

Fuscoe’s services have included civil engineering, survey/mapping and stormwater management in addition to its newest speciality: Geospatial Technology Services with UAV drone technology. Due to the sensitive nature of the property, Fuscoe’s drone, nicknamed Bella, was used because of its quiet “bird-like” qualities. The Fuscoe team is providing high resolution orthographic aerial photography consisting of five cemetery areas adjacent to Rose Hills Drive, totaling approximately 1,400 acres. The team is also providing an ortho photo image base for the Sycamore Canyon Master Planning Area, as well as a 3D Point Cloud model. A partnership grew to explore all potential Fuscoe Geospatial Services opportunities, for example, Artificial Intelligence (AI), was a useful tool in counting headstones on the grounds. Environmental and Geological consultants will use the 3D Contour Map and 3D Point Cloud models for preliminary master planning site evaluations. Additionally, Fuscoe is providing four concept site and grading 3D models, and will merge those with existing area 3D models.

2016 ACE (American Cemetery Excellence) Award