Ramona, CA

Schmale Family Senior Housing

Chelsea Investment Corporation

Chelsea Investment Corporation partnered with the Schmale Family and Serving Seniors to develop this much needed and affordable apartment complex for low-income seniors offering complete on-site services.

Fuscoe Engineering joined the design team after entitlements and preliminary design were completed. In a careful analysis and review of the preliminary design, Fuscoe was able to improve the existing site conditions, which were challenged by stormwater runoff. Fuscoe’ s full circle thinking® solutions included reconfiguring the site to eliminate the undersized concrete drainage channel. This solution resulted in significant cost savings and avoided wetland impacts. Also, a drainage channel was originally proposed over an existing jurisdictional wetland, which would have caused project delays if implemented per the original design. Instead, Fuscoe’s FCT solution not only added visually appealing greenspace, but enhanced drainage capacity and stormwater quality by utilizing the natural channel.