Cypress, CA

Westmont of Cypress

SRM Development

This upscale senior community is located on five acres in Cypress within the 33.0-acre Flora Park development, adjacent to Los Alamitos Race Course.

Fuscoe Engineering provided civil engineering, survey/mapping and stormwater management services for the Westmont of Cypress Senior Community. Initially, the Fuscoe team performed a hydrology study to assess how much stormwater runoff was produced at the site. The City’s storm drains on Katella Avenue were at capacity, consequently the team designed 5.8 ac-ft stormwater storage units under the parking lot to retain and treat the water onsite, and slowly discharge it into the City’s storm drains. The donut-shaped tank was sized to handle peak flows as well as 100-year storm events for not only Westmont of Cypress but also the 28-acre Senior residential project to the North. Both projects were treated as one in a collaborative effort to meet the City of Cypress’ stringent storm runoff flow requirement of 0.3 cfs per acre. Fuscoe’s project tasks included grading, water, sewer, storm drain, erosion control and street improvement plans, as well as supplemental topographic survey, WQMP and SWPPP.