Introducing the new look of Fuscoe Engineering

The Icon

The icon is simply constructed using just five circles, each representing one of our main services — with civil engineering at the core. The four larger circles represent each of our office locations with the smaller circle at the center uniting them as one.

When divided there are eight individual logo segments representing each of our company values. The four larger segments and circular shape of the logo embody our full circle thinking® approach to the way we work.

“The design of our new logo fully encompasses
our brand as the visual embodiment of our locations,
services & values, and full circle thinking® approach.”

ROBIN ROBINSON, Principal/Director of Marketing

The Wordmark

The FUSCOE wordmark has been intentionally pushed together to symbolize togetherness, teamwork and collaboration. The gradient symbolizes the blending together our individual skillsets to achieve a common goal.

Colors & Imagery

Blue and green represent the elements of water, land and sky — the colors that surround us in our environment. The gradient helps to visualize the harmony and balance we strive to create between these elements and what we build within it.

Same Services, New Look!

Civil Engineering

Survey & Mapping

Stormwater Management

Sustainable Site Design

Geospatial Technology