Our Story

All things on earth are connected, each a part of the web of life. What we do, as human beings and designers, affects each strand in the web.
This is a fundamental truth that guides who we are, and the work we must do. It connects us to the importance of the role we play in creating the delicate balance between built and natural environments.
More importantly, this truth serves to elevate our thinking from the confines of traditional approaches, to the total circumference of possibilities. Connecting the dots.
Driving innovation.
Widening the arc of creativity.
For we know that the way we think, the way we do business,
the way we treat others, and the way we interact with water, land and sky will eventually come
full circle.

Our Profile

Registered Civil Engineers
Registered Land Surveyors
LEED® Professionals

Corporate Office

Fuscoe Engineering, Inc.
16795 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 100
Irvine, California 92606
949.474.1960 tel
949.474.5315 fax


Patrick R. Fuscoe, PE
Patrick R. Fuscoe, PECEO

Our Vision

At Fuscoe Engineering, our vision is to embrace full circle thinking® in shaping places that people enjoy through creative designs with heroic service.

Our Values

  • Trust… Affirms our reliance on integrity and ability
  • Authenticity… Creates credibility and genuine personal service
  • Expertise… Is the collective knowledge and experience of our team and colleagues
  • Research… Accelerates learning and broadens our perspective
  • Relationships… Thrive with a collaborative spirit
  • Responsiveness… Is the bedrock of heroic service
  • Respect… Consider the diversity of opinions and insights
  • Stewardship… Ensures that we use all resources wisely
  • Recognition… Acknowledges our competency and agility

Our Approach

  • Always deliver on our promises and stand behind our work
  • Maximize value for our clients with innovation and efficiency
  • Create the balance between the natural and built environments
  • Respect everyone we work with and learn from them
  • Continually grow our practice competencies with lifelong learning