Stormwater Management


Stormwater Management

A Specialty Since 1996

Fuscoe’s Stormwater Management Division was formulated as a direct response to the demand for environmentally-sensitive land development practices — balancing the need for growth while protecting and enhancing our watersheds and resources, Fuscoe’s Stormwater Management Division was formulated. With complex and ever-increasing county and state regulations governing stormwater management and water quality, demand for these services became imperative.

As the group expanded, so did the need for a more specialized design team – the Low Impact Development (LID) group. Consisting of both engineers and environmental scientists, the LID group has expertise in sustainable design, runoff reduction measures and recycling strategies.



Increased population and the environmental impacts associated with urban development emphasize the need to protect and preserve our water.

Stormwater Management

Safeguarding Our Most Precious Resource

Water is the most valuable natural resource we have. Increased population and the environmental impacts associated with urban development emphasize the critical need to protect and preserve our water. Fuscoe’s Stormwater Management Group has specialized in these services for over 25 years. Our engineers, environmental scientists and water resource specialists design sustainable Low Impact Development (LID) solutions for land development projects. They also assist municipalities with MS4 Permit compliance, model hydrology, assess water supply for environmental impacts, and provide expertise in construction site stormwater compliance. Fuscoe is also a leader in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) permitting and design.

Stormwater Services

  • Low Impact Development Solutions
  • City MS4 Program Consulting Services

  • EIR Technical Analysis and Support
  • Construction Site Stormwater Compliance
  • SWPPP Development and Compliance
  • Water Quality Assurance
  • AI Trash Detection Evaluations

  • Watershed Improvement Plans

  • CAFO Permitting

  • 3rd Party Clean Water Act Technical Support


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Meet Our Experts

Ian Adam, CPSWQ, QSD
Ian Adam, CPSWQ, QSDPrincipal/Stormwater Manager
Howard Wen, CPSWQ, QSD
Howard Wen, CPSWQ, QSDSenior Project Manager
Ken Kozlik, PE
Ken Kozlik, PEProject Manager
Stephanie Zinn, MCSE, MURP
Stephanie Zinn, MCSE, MURPProject Manager